Friday, June 15, 2012

Ricardo Araujo Pereira

Ricardo Araújo Pereira (b.1974) is a Portuguese comedian, member of Gato Fedorento (Smelly Cat). He has a degree in Social Communication that he obtained while studying in Universidade Católica Portuguesa. He has also worked as a journalist for the Jornal de Letras, Artes e Ideias.
In 2003 he made his first appearance in television acting in the series O Perfeito Anormal (The Perfect Freak) along with fellow Gato Fedorento member Zé Diogo Quintela.
In the same year, he started the Gato Fedorento project, a comedy project with great impact on Portuguese television, along with Zé Diogo Quintela, Miguel Góis and Tiago Dores.

He has the skill of impersonating sports and politics personalities as well as Portuguese regional stereotypes. These skills are used in the television series as well as in advertising campaigns in television. He is also a columnist in Visão and A Bola, one of the most recognized sports newspapers in Portugal.
Ricardo was voted 76th Greatest Portuguese of all time in a Poll conducted by RTP (Rádio Televisão Portuguesa) for its Show "Grandes Portugueses", based on a similar show, "100 Greatest Britons", aired on BBC.

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