Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ricardo Guedes

Ricardo Guedes (b.1979) is a Portuguese model. 

Along with his twin brother Pedro, his career started when he was sixteen, after being discovered on a bus stop in Porto. Fatima Guimaraes, producer of a fashion photographer, liked the image of the surfer duo and decided to ask them if they would be interested in being fashion models. Pedro and Ricardo immediately said yes and began a career that led them to work several times abroad.

At 18 years old, they went for the first time to Lisbon to do a session as mannequins for a City Jeans catalog. Pedro and Ricardo began then working for Central Agency Models, getting contracts for fashion shows and photo shoots, representing brands such as Emporio Armani, Versace and Versus.

The twins, who generally always appear together, worked for renowned magazines such as L'Uomo Vogue, Arena Homme, GQ and Vogue Sposa, but gained greater prominence in 2000 illustrating the Winter Campaign 2000/2001 for the famous mark Tommy Hilfigger clothing. Since then, the two brothers achieved much more international recognition, appearing in many magazines all over the world. 

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