Monday, July 30, 2012

Pedro Barroso

Pedro Barroso (b.1986) is a Portuguese actor. Pedro became known as an actor in the TV series (Morangos com Acucar) with the role of Mario, where he made a romantic couple with the actress Ines Aleluia (Aurora). Pedro played also the role of Miguel in “Destino Mortal” of TVI. Miguel was a vampire being the fruit of a relationship between a vampire and a human. Miguel (Pedro Barroso) and the vampire Sofia (Catarina Wallenstein) were the protagonists of this novel. Peter was also part of the novel that recently won an Emmy, "Meu Amor" where he played the role of Jorge, an angry young man, with whom he showed all his versatility.
Pedro Barroso has a promising future, he has appeared in some movies, television and although his short life he has already a much fulfilled career.


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